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Proplanner's line balancing application is the fastest and most accurate way to assign tasks, tools and parts to stations within a mixed-model/option environment. ProBalance offers an easy-to-use, spreadsheet-driven interface that supports intuitive and sophisticated charting, flexible & quick line balancing, and comparative reporting.  ProBalance calculates station/line utilizations, LEAN work content, Workplace Space for tools/containers, Ergo Factors and much more. In addition, work assignments that can also be used as shop floor Work Instructions when the task assignment is complete.

Proplanner's Sequence Planner (available as an advanced option in Assembly Planner) is designed to leverage the model/option based task assignment from ProBalance and combine this with a product (vehicle) assembly sequence in order to evaluate the work content at every station through every TAKT cycle for one or multiple days. With Sequence Planner you can better assign floating operators along the line and easily plan for potential over-cycle problems.

ProBalance can automatically create new line-side logistics delivery update files for use by Proplanner's Flow Planner application.

When generating an automatic balance, ProBalance handles the following constraints.  When balancing manually (drag-and-drop) ProBalance displays all of the violations created by the engineer's changes:

Workzones - side of line, or vehicle, that task must be assigned to.
Precedence - order in which tasks must be performed.
Grouping -  tasks that must move together to the same station, or same operator.
Resources - tasks that require a resource, and therefore must be assigned to a station with that resource.
Operators - multiple operators are supported per station, and each operator can be assigned to one, or more, workzones.


  1. Simple Interface
  2. Balancing Station View
  3. Reporting and Advanced Outputs
  4. Flexible Automatic Balancing
  5. Constraint Identification
  6. Integration with Work Place Planner
  7. Scenarios Stored as Files

  1. Reduce bottlenecks. By leveling work for each station/operator, process flow is improved and bottlenecks and back-ups are eliminated.
  2. Improve work flow.
  3. Quickly identify constraints. When balancing lines, the application will automatically display resource constraints and precedence violations.
  4. Reduce work overload. By identifying stations that exceed Takt time, process engineers can reduce work overload.
  5. Quick manpower estimation.
  6. Speed Problem Solving. Operations can be dragged and dropped between stations for distributing workload on stations that allows for easy construction of solution with interactive graphing.

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